Tyr coastal Reserve

This reserve is located on the south coast of the historical city of  TYR, situated 84kms from Beirut.This reserve presents many characteristics such as:

  • The presence of a large beach of 4kms length.
  • Natural sources of potable water at Ras Al Ayn springing since millenaries.
A part of these water sources is used for irrigation and drinking water. The rest goes to the Mediterranean sea, in which there is various rich and rare aquatic species.

This reserve is considered as one of the most important of the Mediterranean basin,   as well as the Echkel reserve of Tunisia.
The reserve total surface is 3.8 km2, divided into three sections:

1. First section is for tourists and entertainment, with respect to environmental rules.
2. Second is for vegetal cultures not harmful to the environment and its resources.
3. Third is formally prohibited to the public, and used for scientific researches and  preservation of natural living and endangered species, such as sea turtles.
The Aquatic life of Tyr and Ras Al Ayn natural reserve is known
for the density of its aquatic plans and animals species, such as shrimps, sea locust, frogs, albatross, mussels, spongiferes, jelly-fish, sea urchins, various sea birds, and aquatic plants, with variouskinds of fish.

This reserve is considered the nest of sea turtles eggs.