The Association will achieve its objectives through:

  • Capacity building of associations, institutions and stockholders in the field of environment and providing them with financial and technical support to coordinate their activities.
  • Preparing studies dealing with pollution, suggesting and proposing appropriate solutions and action plans.
  • Initiating to organize and participate in the national, regional or international level conferences,  workshops, and seminars on matters  related to the environment.
  • Establishing action plans and studies for the protection of biodiversity and  natural resources, and diffusing the information to public institutions seeking implementation actions in this regard.
  • Publishing newsletters and brochures dealing with environmental matters.
  • Organizing camps + training sessions to prepare specialized cadre in the environmental field
  • Participate in the celebration of national, regional and international environmental days through different activities.
  • Use and investment of land , real estate equipment and financial resources in order to implement its objectives.